We are Praxis: a new model of real estate brokerage services for the digital world. Praxis was born out of a need for a flexible brokerage platform to expertly value and centrally manage a multifaceted newspaper portfolio – the 2nd largest in the US – and at the same time be nimble enough to service beyond primary media markets to reach non-core secondary and tertiary media property markets.

We give freedom back to the client – the ability to choose and work with the best real estate professionals anywhere. Our deep understanding of the changing print media industry and ability to aggregate the best real estate minds under a single Praxis is a different modality, a new way. We are experts in office and complex industrial assets.


We are provider agnostic. Praxis identifies, selects, and manages the most experienced (and least conflicted) professionals to execute a customized real estate strategy, thereby ensuring superior performance and results. Hand-picked local advisors may be local brokers specific to property type (i.e., land, flex, office, industrial, retail or multi-use), project managers, environmental consultants or property tax attorneys. Every custom team assures project success.


A Praxis valuation of owned, overtaxed and leased property portfolios sheds light on the path toward immediate opportunities for cost-savings and the reduction of legacy operating expenses. By valuing real estate accurately, the appropriate strategy can be implemented to free up critical capital that can flow back to both the business and its shareholders. Praxis is not conflicted by internal competition for the same clients.

Praxis is a subsidiary of Twenty Lake Holdings, LLC, which is a full-service commercial real estate investment and asset management firm focused on newspaper and media properties. Learn more and meet them at Twenty Lake Holdings, LLC.